Big John... Sue now has a partial new shoulder...
Thu Aug 1, 2013 00:08

You know about having new shoulders but maybe not like what happened to my wife. About a month ago she fell down the stairs in our house. I was out on the deck reading the paper when I heard a faint "I need your HELP"... I found her at the bottom of the first landing on our stairway. She'd fallen down seven steps...

She was sitting on the landing and asked me to help her up. I first made my way past her onto the landing. I told her to move her legs/feet. That worked ok... Then, I asked her to move her arms. She could move her right arm but NOT her left arm.

At that point, I went back upstairs and called the local 911 dispatcher. As it turned out a friend of mine answered the call but I didn't recognize her at the time. Normal questions... age, weight, did she lose consciousness.. etc..

To make a long story shorter. She'd broken the top of her humerous arm bone. Pretty much shattered it.

The surgeon replaced it with an artificial ball and Sue will have weeks/months of physical therapy.

So, I'm going to be staying around home until she's more ambulatory... for now, I'm the one who puts the sling on her and, if needed to go out, I fasten her bra for her. I suppose if I wanted to get a part time job I could hire out as a "ladies maid"...

    • ladies gentleman - sortaJohn Delavan, Thu Aug 1 23:44
      Good luck with that one! Well, I guess it could happen. After all, SOME fish can fly... So does BS most places I've been known to frequent. I wish her better luck than I had with my left shoulder.... more
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