John Delavan
ladies gentleman - sorta
Thu Aug 1, 2013 23:44

Good luck with that one! Well, I guess it could happen. After all, SOME fish can fly... So does BS most places I've been known to frequent. I wish her better luck than I had with my left shoulder. The plastic socket detached, two of the rotator cuff muscles are completely torn & one partially torn & there isn't enough good bone left to do a good repair according to two eminent qwackers. I'll be fine, but loading any decent amount of ammo to sell has Gone With The Wind. Still able to build guns though so I ain't guite ready to commit Hari Kiri. Tell Sue to follow Dr's orders & work really hard at physical therapy. Tell her I said "Pain is only fear leaving the body" and when she's healed up she'll be able to do as much or more than she did before. Never give up!

  • Big John... Sue now has a partial new shoulder...John Ammeter, Thu Aug 1 00:08
    John, You know about having new shoulders but maybe not like what happened to my wife. About a month ago she fell down the stairs in our house. I was out on the deck reading the paper when I heard a... more
    • ladies gentleman - sorta — John Delavan, Thu Aug 1 23:44
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