It's good to see you posting again! nt (nm)
Sat Mar 19, 2016 07:39

  • LeatherworkJohn C Delavan, Fri Mar 18 02:30
    Wooky et al: Obviously this is a couple of years late. Disaster after disaster. Constant small fires to put out only to turn around to find the entire forest burning away behind me. My health has... more
    • Bad Tolz MPAlan Fine, Mon Feb 20 12:13
      Hello John, Sounds like you've had a rough life of late - and for that I am truly sorry to hear. Going through some stuff, I found the newspaper article you asked me about several years ago, from the ... more
      • AddressJohn Delavan, Wed Mar 1 11:18
        Alan, Good to hear from you! Yes, it was 50 years ago when we were working patrol together in Bad Tolz. And the night of the double fatality (custom VW vs the BMW) it was SO COLD!I know exactly how... more
        • your addressalan fine, Wed Mar 1 15:09
          Hello my friend. I wanted to let you know that I now have your address and will get the Bad Tolz newspaper over to you shortly. With all best wishes, ALAN
    • It's good to see you posting again! nt (nm) — Paul, Sat Mar 19 07:39
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