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Savage 24 trigger / chamber
Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:57am

Hi, I posted a previous message which will hopefully be answered at some point, but in the mean time, I have another couple!
The trigger on my Savage 24s-c is really heavy. Haven't tested it, but I'd estimate over 8lbs. Consequently, shots are being pulled. Any "Best" way to fix this, or is it a sear polishing job?
Also, the .22wmr cases keep getting stuck after firing. Just tight enough that I need something to pull them out afterwards. I've had two cases split from neck to base so far - Is the chamber a bit loose?
Cheers, Mark.

    • TriggerDown Under, Tue Aug 24 8:29am
      Go to the home page.....24 links....trigger, full run down on the trigger job.
    • rimfire chambers sometimesbob, Mon Aug 23 4:14pm
      suffer from a 'dimple' from dry firing, that is, the firing pin strikes the edge of the chamber and forces a metal burr down into the chamber causing hard extraction. i'd look for that AFTER i... more
    • trigger/chamberBrawny, Mon Aug 23 3:52am
      Howdy, The trigger I think I saw a post back there some where about how to deal with it. You would have to check back pages of the site. A competent gunsmith could fix it I am sure. As for the... more
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