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24C series N and V in .30-30/20 on the way.
Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:45pm

Howdy all. I paid a little too much (maybe) for a Camper's Companion in .22LR/20 and a slightly ratty model V in .30-30/20. They are shipping to my friendly local FFL as we speak. Yay.

They are not collector's pieces for sure, but that's ok. I just want them for shooters. I sold all of my guns except a Ballester-Molina and an old Marlin youth .22 (sentimental reasons!) when I moved to the city, figuring that I'd no longer be able to bum around the woods and farm enough to justify owning them, and would just borrow guns from family when I was back on the holidays. But then life took a U-turn and I found myself back in dear ol' WV, this time for good.

I'd rather spend my money on motorcycle junk, so hopefully if I can get the barrels regulated decently, I won't ever need any other guns than these two. I figure the model C will make a good bum-around, varmint, and squirrel gun, and the V will be good for deer, bear, and birds with that full choke.

I am rather partial to peep sights, so I am seriously considering getting a weaver-base and a .22 groove sight from NECG and mounting them as far back as I can. The Williams receiver sight looks neat, but I am not a fan of receiver sights... Dunno why, just not for some reason.

I assume the height of the peep sights will require a taller front sight, which brings up a couple of questions. I apologize if this stuff has been asked to death before!

Will one of those .22 groove peep sights tend to fly off when I shoot the 20ga? If so, what will fix that? Locktite? JB Weld? (I'd sure hate to use epoxy, though)

I assume that the height of these peeps will require a taller front sight. I have read that the 24 uses weird sized sights that aren't compatible with anything else. Who makes a decent taller front sight for these things? I am thinking about a flat gold bead for the V and either the same or an unmarked flat blade for the C.

If I do put taller sights on them, how much is it going to mess up the POI of the shotgun barrels at various ranges? That's a lot of distance between the sight line and the bottom barrel even with the factory sights! I figure it won't be too much of an issue with shot (esp with the C's cyl bore), but I am worried about having slugs traveling too much of an arc over their flight.

How difficult is it to regulate these things, and what is the procedure for doing so? Neither of the ones I bought have soldered barrels, so is it just a matter of removing the front band and sanding/shimming it for elevation and twisting it a little before tightening it down for windage?

Thanks, y'all! I'm pretty dumb most of the time, so I hope my questions aren't too silly. :P

    • Peep sights/front sightsmike 183, Fri Nov 16 1:02pm
      Lee, I'm with you....I don't like the idea (at least for me) of scoping a Mdl 24, and peep sights make good sense for how you intend to use yours. I'm pretty sure your 22 barrel has the front sight... more
      • Re: Peep sights/front sightsLee, Fri Nov 16 10:32pm
        Thanks for the info! The 24C arrived at the FFL today! I stopped by, but the owner was out for a while, so I put lovingly put it together and admired it. I hope I didn't drop any drool on it... It... more
        • Firearms lawsmike 183, Sat Nov 17 7:25pm
          It's never too late to join the NRA. I'm a life member and proud of it!
        • re sightslee amer, Sat Nov 17 12:31am
          you should live ca.laws suck,leave the sights alone the work ok as is.
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