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Zachary M. Miller
Savage 24J-DL
Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:58pm

My first gun going up was my great grandfather Savage 24J-DL. We all know the gun has a fox stamped on one side of the receiver. However, mine looks like it was stamped twice. As if someone stamped it too lightly, and then tried to redo it but missed by just a hair, so there are two distinct stamps on one side. Has anyone seen another like this? Or did great granddad pass down a one of a kind factory error? I've looked through pictures and posts and never seen anyone else reference it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Double stampblackie rawlings, Tue Nov 20 8:00pm
      we have a double stamped 24j as well, we've determined it is from 1965-1967.
      • double stampAnonymous, Tue Nov 20 11:09pm
        Really, you have one as well? What is double stamped on yours?
    • Haven't seen onerossow (mn), Fri Nov 16 9:41am
      I've had a J-DL with the fox, etc., for several years, so I kind of like to look at others I see at gunshows, etc. I've never seen a double-stamped one. You're probably correct that the first... more
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