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mike 183
Peep sights/front sights
Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:02pm

Lee, I'm with you....I don't like the idea (at least for me) of scoping a Mdl 24, and peep sights make good sense for how you intend to use yours.

I'm pretty sure your 22 barrel has the front sight screwed on, and the 30-30 may well be the same (if the 30-30 is dovetailed, there's no problem....literally hundreds of sights will fit).

Few aftermarket front sights are screw-fitted. If your barrels are too thin to scoop out a front sight dovetail, a quick look at Brownells website shows a couple of possibilities: Nodak makes a front sight for .920' Ruger 10-22 barrels and Berreta makes a sight for Sako that could possibly be adapted.

Good luck....keep us posted!

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    • Peep sights/front sights — mike 183, Fri Nov 16 1:02pm
      • Re: Peep sights/front sightsLee, Fri Nov 16 10:32pm
        Thanks for the info! The 24C arrived at the FFL today! I stopped by, but the owner was out for a while, so I put lovingly put it together and admired it. I hope I didn't drop any drool on it... It... more
        • Firearms lawsmike 183, Sat Nov 17 7:25pm
          It's never too late to join the NRA. I'm a life member and proud of it!
        • re sightslee amer, Sat Nov 17 12:31am
          you should live ca.laws suck,leave the sights alone the work ok as is.
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