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Re: Peep sights/front sights
Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:32pm

Thanks for the info!

The 24C arrived at the FFL today! I stopped by, but the owner was out for a while, so I put lovingly put it together and admired it. I hope I didn't drop any drool on it... It sure is a pretty thing, even with the missing sight elevator that I didn't manage to see in the pictures!

Looks to me like the front sight is fixed on the front band and nonadjustable. No screws or anything (except the one holding the band tight)! I'm not quite what to do about that.

But then Larry got back. We did the paperwork and the NICS decided to delay me for some reason or another. Grumble. I don't /think/ I've ever done anything bad other than getting a little rowdy once back in college, and it was nothing relating to any of those little check boxes on the form, but I guess we'll see. I'm hoping they're just really busy with deer season opening on Monday and the system was bogged down.

I didn't realize how difficult it was to buy longarms nowadays, as I haven't bought one for... 18 or 20 years I guess. Hopefully I'm not violating any no-politics rules or anything by saying this, but... It feels pretty crappy to feel like a criminal even when you know you're not. I grudgingly accepted the Brady law when it was just about handguns, but this makes me want to spend a bunch of my savings on guns and ammo, in case it gets even worse..... Had no idea that it also applied to long guns now. Maybe time to join the NRA, too, if it ain't already too late...

  • Peep sights/front sightsmike 183, Fri Nov 16 1:02pm
    Lee, I'm with you....I don't like the idea (at least for me) of scoping a Mdl 24, and peep sights make good sense for how you intend to use yours. I'm pretty sure your 22 barrel has the front sight... more
    • Re: Peep sights/front sights — Lee, Fri Nov 16 10:32pm
      • Firearms lawsmike 183, Sat Nov 17 7:25pm
        It's never too late to join the NRA. I'm a life member and proud of it!
      • re sightslee amer, Sat Nov 17 12:31am
        you should live ca.laws suck,leave the sights alone the work ok as is.
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