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Stevens Savaage w/ Tenanite - Receiver
Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:46am

Greetings to all:

I have my grandfathers 22/410 Stevens Savage w/Tenanite Stock and Side Selector Button. I guess my grandfather got a little upset, because apparently he broke the internal selector mechanism, and threw it into a closet for 40 years. When I received it, there was a good amount of rust on the receiver, as well as rust and pitting on the bluing of the barrels. He had put some tape on the stock as well, which after 40 years, baked itself into the enamel of the tenanite stock. In the condition it was in, it was maybe worth 100 dollars to the right person. That being said....

I have stripped the receiver down to bare metal at this point. I have replaced the selector mechanism (What a bitch to fit in) and going to the range today to test fire for proper working operation. It would not be worth to send the receiver out to have case hardened again. From what I see, it would be about 250 - 400 dollars to have done. I am going to strip the barrels and reblue them using one of the home kits. And as far as the stock goes, just going to wet sand it to make it all nice and clean, and spray it with a coat or two of a good shellac. But what to do about the receiver and all the other parts...

Besides a final stripping and good polishing, and then also putting a clear coat to protect, or even give it a good rubbing of gun grease. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do with the receiver to give some form of original look. Not looking to make a show piece or to sell, because there is some sentimental value to me, being my grandfathers. But I want a good working gun, that me and my family can play with.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the receiver??

    • Not many optionsrossow (mn), Sun Nov 18 7:28pm
      I know of no cheap and easy way to make a receiver that was originally case colored look case colored once the original color is gone, short of having it redone. As you note, that gets expensive in a ... more
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