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rossow (mn)
Not many options
Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:28pm

I know of no cheap and easy way to make a receiver that was originally case colored look case colored once the original color is gone, short of having it redone. As you note, that gets expensive in a hurry. Some people have tried to introduce a semblance of case colors by using an oxy-acetylene torch until the metal changes color, but that's a risky undertaking. The barrels can be made to look reasonably good with cold blue if you clean them up well before applying. (Best results are often obtained by removing the original bluing all the way down to bare metal.) I've had good results using Oxpho-blue liquid (not cream) from Brownells. The Tenite stock can also be cleaned up nicely, with patience. You don't need shellac if you use progressively finer grits of sandpaper. Even 1,000 grit (available at auto-body suppliers) isn't excessive. I have had good luck doing a final polishing with "Ouater," pronounced "water," a French-made super-fine polishing product made with mineral oil and fine pumice embedded in cotton wool. Find it online. Good luck with the project.

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    • Not many options — rossow (mn), Sun Nov 18 7:28pm
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