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the selector
Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:09pm

You can roughly think of the selector like a transfer bar. There is a separate firing pin for each of the shotgun barrel and the rifle barrel. The selector moves vertically up or down by means of moving the exterior button in the same manner to switch between the two barrels. It has a protruding metal disk on the firing pin side which allows it to only strike one of the firing pins at a time. It is seated between the hammer and the firing pins in the frame. As you pull the trigger it releases the hammer, the hammer strikes the selector, which transfers the forward motion into which ever firing pin it is in front of, which in turn moves to strike the primer of the round.

Side button selectors were only produced on the models made prior to 1963 which predate serial numbers. Those models with side button selectors are: Stevens Model 22-410, Savage Model 24, 24A, 24B, 24-DL, 24B-DL, and early the 24C-DL. I know of at least 4 different styles of side button selectors that were used that are not interchangable. Those are: the right side 410 (most common because more models were produced in this configuration), right side 20 gauge, left side 410, and left side 20 gauge. It was a weak point in the early design because they often broke which is why the hammer selector is what replaced it. All of the side button selector guns can be upgraded with the hammer selector (often called the 24E conversion).

If you want to date your combo gun, follow the link under #3 in the FAQ's. Hope this helps.

  • Model 24 selector switchGeoffrey Hebel, Wed Nov 21 11:28am
    i recently acquired one of these interesting guns and, cannot seem to get how the selector switch (between 410/22lr) works. All the exploded views i have seen show an actual switch on the hammer.... more
    • the selector — odell23, Wed Nov 21 2:09pm
      • Re: the selectorGeoffrey Hebel, Wed Nov 21 2:45pm
        yeah i saw the transfer bar in there but for the life of me couldn't figure out how you got it to was the simplest answer and, i was over complicating the heck out of it. Thanks alot... more
        • Re: the selectorGeoffrey Hebel, Fri Nov 23 10:08am
          on a different note, thanks for the date code reference. I have a 1949 Savage model 24 in 22/410
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