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Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:23pm


I can tell you I have put in a lot of effort into knowing combination guns into recent years and have neither heard nor seen such a beast. That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't one (and I do mean one). It would have to be something like a custom gun maker built gun or a R&D gun. I can definately say there is no literature or history from any of the large scale American combination gun manufacturers (Savage, Marlin, Springfield, Ithaca, H&R) that suggests something like that ever being made. Every combo I've come across in my research chambered in 30-30 has been over a 20 gauge or larger.

  • Combination 30-30/.410Dave, Thu Nov 15 12:07pm
    I have been told by several people about a combination 30-30/.410. Has anyone ever seen one of these? For some reason I need one to add to my collection. Also I heard that there is still one company... more
    • Savage is making combos again.randydowdy_27315, Fri Nov 23 7:51pm
      The Savage combos of today don't resemble the ones silouetted on the back of these pages. To me, they're ugly, but functionable. Some may love them, it's just personal opinion. At least Savage is... more
      • New Savage Model 42 22-410lee amer, Fri Nov 23 11:35pm
        there great i bought two,keeping one and selling the other,no more broken parts. 559-264-0085
    • Answers — odell23, Wed Nov 21 2:23pm
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