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Savage 24C-DL 22/410
Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:22pm

Hello everyone, I am having a hard time finding any information on my weapon. I believer it is early 60s model. I am looking for a tear down manual/parts. This weapon has been in the family a long time, it recently was brought to me for some repairs/cleaning. Any information would be awesome.

Savage/Westfield Mass. 22LR/410. Most information I have found is for after 1969. If I was to guess I would say 1964 model is what I need.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • Re: Savage 24C-DL 22/410randydowdy_27315, Mon Nov 26 4:13am
      Is there a groove for a scope on the rifle barrel?
      • groove for a scopeAaron, Mon Nov 26 12:45pm
        No groove, standard site. Selector on right side. Fox and turkey, gold trigger. I am having a hard time getting the forend off, and I dont want to force it off. Looking for tear down manual or... more
        • Re: groove for a scoperandydowdy_27315, Sun Dec 9 11:48am
          Don't mess with the screw on the forearm. Grab the end toward the front sight, and pull down. Should pop right off, no screws or hardware needs to be adjusted.
        • Groove for scopeScudrunner, Wed Dec 5 3:39pm
          Is this the groove on the rifle barrel you don't have?
    • old SAVAGE 24rpatton3, Sun Nov 25 9:39am
      I have an old .22 and .410 with straight stock like a lever action rifle. It has to be close to fifty years old because I had it as a child and I am sixty. Keep me in the loop. Thanks.
      • Old model 24 does has grooves for scopeRussell Patton, Mon Nov 26 12:54pm
        My old Savage 24 has a 2.5X scope that my dad used to shoot turtles on his pond 45 years ago. This has a straight stock; no pistol grip.
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