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Scope for a 24 - 20GA/22mag
Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:22am

I've got a 24 my Grandfather got for me back in the 60's. I've was in the military for more than 25 years so this gun stayed in the closet for most of its life. What would be a nice reasonably priced scope I could buy for this gun for plinking around? The only shooting of animals I do is with a camera these days so it would just be a gun for some fun target shooting.

My 24 - 22Mag/20GA

    • Re: Scope for a 24 - 20GA/22magwing70, Mon Dec 3 11:24pm
      Going to the Forum Gallery I found a bunch of 24's with scopes pictured.
    • scope mountlee amer, Tue Nov 27 2:12am
      i have said before ,most are 22 barrels factory grooved for a scope mount/like ones you older cheep 22,a while back someone said he had a mount but was not get us a picture,so think the never... more
      • Re: scope mountAnonymous, Wed Nov 28 6:54am
        This is the BKL Mount I have been using for quite a few years. Stable even when shooting slugs through the 20ga. It works! more
        • scope mountlee amer, Wed Nov 28 9:15am
          thank`s they just copied the old weaver mount/do not use whit the shot gun ,only rifle,22 lr only,i have a couple customers took stitches in there for head,because shot got kicks to mutch,if mount... more
          • Do not use scope when firing shotgun??!!mike 183, Thu Nov 29 12:24pm
            Com'on....if one can mount a scope securely on a Mdl 24 (either clamp type or Weaver-type), it's OK to use when firing the shotgun. After all, there are thousands (millions?) of scoped rifles that... more
            • SCOPES CAN BE USED ON A MDL 24 FOR SLUGSRandy D, Fri Nov 30 4:15am
              I shot one with a slug for many years, it was a hole puncher and great in shotgun only seasons. Set the eye relief accordingly, and use common sense. Shoot away!
              • ScopeRussell Patton, Sat Dec 1 5:57pm
                My dad used a 2.5X scope to shoot turtles in his duck pond years ago. My old .22 / .410 got a new lease on life and .22 was very accurate.
              • scope lee amer, Sat Dec 1 12:10am
                go ahead and use scope /you bare all responsibility if some one gets hurt.just did it//it`s marked on the barrel says not use scope with the shotgun,marked on warning,what you are DOING... more
                • Scope on 20GAScudrunner, Sun Dec 2 4:56pm
                  I don't know but it seems a 30.06 kicks a bit more than my model 24 20GA. Just sayin'.
                  • scope mountlee amer, Sun Dec 2 5:23pm
                    iam saying this one more time/i do everything by manufactures request only,if the guns barrel says do not use shotgun barrel with questions says it on the simple,put scope on the 22... more
                  • I scoped all my rimfire 24'sbigkelly, Sun Dec 2 5:14pm
                    Shot them from heck and back---never had a problem just cause it's written on the barrel (or posted on the web) doesn't mean it's correct Try for yourself and decide
            • scope mountlee amer, Fri Nov 30 3:07am
              hers th deal,read the warning on the barrel,that says all,i need to know,it`s the claw mount is the problem,that`s one problems why, that savage quit making them,also the model 42 stronger and no... more
            • scope mountlee amer, Thu Nov 29 9:34pm
              the claw system savage used was not the best/i have two model 42s iam working putting a rail like the ar 15 use ,then no more problems.also savage 42 has less problems the the 24/good,that why savage ... more
              • Re: scope mountwing70, Mon Dec 3 11:33pm
                I went back through the posts and can't find out why Savage would put a warning on the barrel stating a scope was NOT to be used with the shotgun. Why is it? Does the scope punch a person in the eye... more
                • scopelee amer, Tue Dec 4 1:44am
                  scope can come flying off,like most shooter some get to close,thats new model ,no scope .
    • 22/20gAaron, Mon Nov 26 12:50pm
      Nice pic, I have the 22/410 same style. Having problems getting the forend off and I need a butt for it. Any suggestions.
      • 24 ScopeScudrunner, Mon Nov 26 6:59pm
        I don't have any good suggestions. I'm sure there are a lot of good people here with the answer though.
    • SimmonsCincyMike, Mon Nov 26 6:33am
      I bought a Simmons scope recently, The Model# is called "Simmons 22Mag" Scope, for a Ruger 10/22 that I own. The scope came with matching rings. The style of the clamps for the rings looked like it... more
      • Re: SimmonsRandyD, Tue Nov 27 4:05am
        I had a simmons on a 30/3o for 10 years or so. Never had an issue, stayed true. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute if I found one that fit!
      • 24 ScopeScudrunner, Mon Nov 26 6:57pm
        Thanks... I'll look into that scope. The price sounds great.
    • Re: Scope for a 24 - 20GA/22magScudrunner, Mon Nov 26 12:23am
      I've was ????? I was... sorry
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