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scope mount
Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:07am

hers th deal,read the warning on the barrel,that says all,i need to know,it`s the claw mount is the problem,that`s one problems why, that savage quit making them,also the model 42 stronger and no more broken parts,my dad use work at savage plant,i know everything about them.

  • Do not use scope when firing shotgun??!!mike 183, Thu Nov 29 12:24pm
    Com'on....if one can mount a scope securely on a Mdl 24 (either clamp type or Weaver-type), it's OK to use when firing the shotgun. After all, there are thousands (millions?) of scoped rifles that... more
    • SCOPES CAN BE USED ON A MDL 24 FOR SLUGSRandy D, Fri Nov 30 4:15am
      I shot one with a slug for many years, it was a hole puncher and great in shotgun only seasons. Set the eye relief accordingly, and use common sense. Shoot away!
      • ScopeRussell Patton, Sat Dec 1 5:57pm
        My dad used a 2.5X scope to shoot turtles in his duck pond years ago. My old .22 / .410 got a new lease on life and .22 was very accurate.
      • scope lee amer, Sat Dec 1 12:10am
        go ahead and use scope /you bare all responsibility if some one gets hurt.just did it//it`s marked on the barrel says not use scope with the shotgun,marked on warning,what you are DOING... more
        • Scope on 20GAScudrunner, Sun Dec 2 4:56pm
          I don't know but it seems a 30.06 kicks a bit more than my model 24 20GA. Just sayin'.
          • scope mountlee amer, Sun Dec 2 5:23pm
            iam saying this one more time/i do everything by manufactures request only,if the guns barrel says do not use shotgun barrel with questions says it on the simple,put scope on the 22... more
            • iam saying this one more timemike 183, Mon Dec 3 9:45pm
              Oh good...promise you won't say not to shoot with the scope again? I think you may lose a little....or a lot....of credibility when you tell us you "sold all model 24/replaced model 42 a better gun... more
              • RE scope mountlee amer, Tue Dec 4 1:56am
                i will not quit/i just bought a savage 24 made in 1951 it is new un fired,old down the street i take him to VA hospital offered it me/so cheep,i almost fell over.
              • RE scope mountlee amer, Mon Dec 3 7:32am
                • Lee… PLEASE….cas, Thu Dec 6 5:33pm
                  Please stop trying to turn every post you make into a "For Sale" ad for your other model 42. We're all getting tired of it.
                  • And get a spellcheckerMike LaForge, Fri Dec 7 12:09am
                    So, you scammed a disabled veteran out of a valuable old 24? "i will not quit/i just bought a savage 24 made in 1951 it is new un fired,old down the street i take him to VA hospital offered it me/so... more
                    • Scamming old peoplerpatton3, Sat Dec 8 4:23pm
                      My dad just celebrated his birthday on December 7th. He is a Navy veteran of WW2. If somebody cheated him or took advantage of him, I would track them down and try to recover the ill-gotten gains.... more
                • Scope Warning on BarrelScudrunner, Mon Dec 3 5:18pm
                  I looked all over the gun and can't find any warning about using a scope.
                  • barrel warninglee amer, Mon Dec 3 8:17pm
                    as you have found out ,not all were marked,savage screw up big time,open for law suits,then quit making the rifle.
          • I scoped all my rimfire 24'sbigkelly, Sun Dec 2 5:14pm
            Shot them from heck and back---never had a problem just cause it's written on the barrel (or posted on the web) doesn't mean it's correct Try for yourself and decide
    • scope mountlee amer, Thu Nov 29 9:34pm
      the claw system savage used was not the best/i have two model 42s iam working putting a rail like the ar 15 use ,then no more problems.also savage 42 has less problems the the 24/good,that why savage ... more
      • Re: scope mountwing70, Mon Dec 3 11:33pm
        I went back through the posts and can't find out why Savage would put a warning on the barrel stating a scope was NOT to be used with the shotgun. Why is it? Does the scope punch a person in the eye... more
        • scopelee amer, Tue Dec 4 1:44am
          scope can come flying off,like most shooter some get to close,thats new model ,no scope .
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