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Spring is the mainspring
Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:27pm

And being cocked for that long, may or may not cause a problem. Have you tried to shoot it yet? See if it pops the primers without a problem. If it does, then there is no problem!

Seriously, i'd probably replace it to be safe. But the gun has what is called a "rebounding" hammer. The hammer should not be making contact with the firing pins while at rest. The firing pins are smacked pretty hard-enough to get a bang-and the hammer bounces back to a slight distance away, to be held back by the trigger holding against the hammer (much in the same way that it works normally) as a safety in case the hammer gets hit while the chamber is loaded. This dates from the days prior to a transfer bar being used. (i guess the early designs were not lawyer proof with their 16 lb sledgehammers)

  • 24E Stored cockedvisket, Fri Nov 30 3:10pm
    Hi - I pulled my 24S-E .22/20ga out of storage after 20 years of not visiting it. Wow - a little rough, to say the least. I'm not as worried about the pinhole rust dots on the outside of the barrels... more
    • But beware...rossow (mn), Mon Dec 3 1:21pm
      As others have said on this site many times, getting mainsprings back into place on the Model 24, once removed, can be a frustrating challenge. Don't be tempted to take the mainspring out until... more
    • Reply: 24E Stored CockedJustin, Sun Dec 2 4:48pm
      Typically springs only really wear when they are being used: compressed and depressed. When they are static, the wear is usually minimal. I would clean everything up and try and shoot it. If it... more
      • Re: Reply: 24E Stored Cockedvisket, Mon Dec 3 7:37pm
        Hey - thanks all for the advice. I haven't test fired it yet, hoping for some good news - which there is. The spring has been statically "loaded" the whole time - perhaps I'll get lucky. A good... more
    • Spring is the mainspring — jeffb1911, Fri Nov 30 7:27pm
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