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Reply: 24E Stored Cocked
Sun Dec 2, 2012 4:48pm

Typically springs only really wear when they are being used: compressed and depressed. When they are static, the wear is usually minimal. I would clean everything up and try and shoot it. If it fires, then great. It should be good to go. If it has light strikes or does not fire at all, then you need to replace the main spring.

It's a powerful and beefy spring, though, so i think you should be OK. The wear on the spring cocked should be similar to if it was not cocked, as the spring is only depressed slightly more when it gets cocked, but is always in a state of being depressed even when the hammer is at rest.

I would take the stock off (remove buttplate, remove giant bolt inside the hole, pull stock off) to get a look at the internals and the springs and watch the action of the hammer. If it looks good after you clean it up, it should be ok.

To clean it, I just blasted gun scrubber everywhere and then wiped it down, then oiled all the springs and moving parts. It was a pretty simple process, which is what I love about this gun, it's so simple!

  • 24E Stored cockedvisket, Fri Nov 30 3:10pm
    Hi - I pulled my 24S-E .22/20ga out of storage after 20 years of not visiting it. Wow - a little rough, to say the least. I'm not as worried about the pinhole rust dots on the outside of the barrels... more
    • But beware...rossow (mn), Mon Dec 3 1:21pm
      As others have said on this site many times, getting mainsprings back into place on the Model 24, once removed, can be a frustrating challenge. Don't be tempted to take the mainspring out until... more
    • Reply: 24E Stored Cocked — Justin, Sun Dec 2 4:48pm
      • Re: Reply: 24E Stored Cockedvisket, Mon Dec 3 7:37pm
        Hey - thanks all for the advice. I haven't test fired it yet, hoping for some good news - which there is. The spring has been statically "loaded" the whole time - perhaps I'll get lucky. A good... more
    • Spring is the mainspringjeffb1911, Fri Nov 30 7:27pm
      And being cocked for that long, may or may not cause a problem. Have you tried to shoot it yet? See if it pops the primers without a problem. If it does, then there is no problem! Seriously, i'd... more
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