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Justin Winchester
Thank you for your reply, and no, I'm not selling it!
Sun Dec 2, 2012 5:21pm

Thank you for your reply.

In my opinion, it's a firearm that can be described as perfect for what it's used for. For a hunting and plinking gun, you could not find a more simple and versatile platform than this thing. Everything on it is just so simple, yet so perfect. Easy to take down, easy to load, easy to fire, and you can hunt literally anything with it. From rats to elk. It's obviously a very durable platform as well, since it has lasted this long. I may order up a batch of spare parts for it soon, just to keep around for in the future in case they stop selling or making the parts for it and something breaks.

And no, I was not even going to consider selling it. I was just curious to see how it's value was impacted, I'm an accounting student, so it's in my blood to think that way :)

  • Great story and historybigkelly, Sun Dec 2 5:10pm
    You have a gem in my opinion--just treat it like you're doing and it'll be around for your grandkids As for todays value--its priceless--DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ---who cares what you could get for ... more
    • Thank you for your reply, and no, I'm not selling it! — Justin Winchester, Sun Dec 2 5:21pm
      • You can look….cas, Sun Dec 2 6:47pm
        …on Gunbroker for ballpark prices, probably anywhere from $300-$500 depending on condition. Of course if that gun was made new and sold today they'd probably ask $650-$850 for it. lol
        • Worth more than we thinkJustin Winchester, Sun Dec 2 7:33pm
          From my research on gunbroker, these guns may be worth more than we think. I found a 24 H-DL on there with two hours left in the auction that was going for $700. However, it had a hammer extender... more
          • Listed or selling?cas, Mon Dec 3 7:20am
            Have to be sure you look at bids and closed auctions, and not just the asking prices. Some of them are pie in the sky dreams that no one's actually paying. There used to be a certain revolver for... more
            • Re: savage 24lee amer, Tue Dec 4 1:51am
              your the smart one,you caught on quick,i now use a savage model 42/i i got two one to keep .and one to sell.
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