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Re: Reply: 24E Stored Cocked
Mon Dec 3, 2012 7:37pm

Hey - thanks all for the advice. I haven't test fired it yet, hoping for some good news - which there is. The spring has been statically "loaded" the whole time - perhaps I'll get lucky.

A good cleaning and down to the basement - for the .22 test firing anyway.

Thanks again - I'll post back the results.


  • Reply: 24E Stored CockedJustin, Sun Dec 2 4:48pm
    Typically springs only really wear when they are being used: compressed and depressed. When they are static, the wear is usually minimal. I would clean everything up and try and shoot it. If it... more
    • Re: Reply: 24E Stored Cocked — visket, Mon Dec 3 7:37pm
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