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Justin Winchester
Model 24 H-DL .22LR/20GA mechanical issues, need some help
Mon Dec 3, 2012 8:22pm

Hey folks, cleaned up my new-to-me Model 24 H-DL and discovered some mechanical issues. This particular model is .22LR on top and 20 gauge on bottom, with the selector switch on the hammer assembly.

First things first. I need firing pins. The .22LR firing pin broke, so it needs the replacement, and the 20 gauge seems to maybe have a chunk taken out of it (I think), so I may as well replace it too. However, I can not find firing pins for the 24H. Is there another model that used the same pins? And yes, I remembered to keep the pesky little springs so I won't lose them. Would any of the Model 24 .22LR firing pins work, or do I need to find one specifically for the H model?

The second area of business involves hammer travel. There seems to be some play in the hammer when it's at rest, where it can be jiggled back and forth slightly. Is this a problem? I know that it's a rebounding hammer, so is this normal? Also, the big issues is that the selector switch seems to be slipping or not striking correctly. Whenever it is fired at the 20 gauge (bottom), it slips to the .22LR firing pin. Sometimes it strikes the 20, sometimes not. What's the deal here? Is there a way to fix this?

Last but not least is the main spring. I'm not sure if I need to, but it's probably on the safe side to do so. What do I need to do to replace it? I'm not sure what on earth I'm doing once I get the stock off, it's all greek to me. I can remove the stock and remove the firing pins, but after that I'm not sure what to do. Do you have some instructions or anything you can provide me with on how to replace the main spring?

Thank you,

    • PinsAnthony, Mon Dec 10 5:36pm
      I would agree with Big K. Most pins will work, but I will add, ones that are rounded (or angled) on the back work better with side selector models.
    • firing pinsbigkelly, Tue Dec 4 6:11am
      At one point i had about 25 firing pins--didn't know which models they came from---they were essentially all the same so i think you should be alright ordering which ever pin is available at... more
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