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savage 24 series p
Tue Dec 4, 2012 1:23pm

hello: i am trying to date a savage model 24 i got from my dad. its a .22lr/over .410 shotgun. it has on the barrel savage model 24 series P (2 1/2 & 3 inch shells) the rear sight is a folding leaf so i think its a 24V. the serial number on the receiver is stamped C578070. i think the c would make it a 1963 but i have read the 24v didnt come out until the 1970's. did savage mix and match parts from different years? and if they did, would the years apart be that great (ie i could see parts from 1964 appear in 1965 but to appear 10 years later would be odd to me)

    • 24V would be marked 24V and...cas, Wed Dec 5 3:12pm wouldn't be a .22. The first 24V was a .222/20 in 1968 IIRC.
      • Actually the V in 222 was 1967ee, Wed Dec 5 7:52pm
        Lots of folks read the blue books as saying that the 222 V was only made 1967, but the truth is that the 222/20 was the only V made in '67, not only made in '67. In '68 and on into the future the V... more
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