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FAQ about a scope
Tue Dec 4, 2012 8:24pm

Who are you going to get to write the answer? One person screams at anyone wanting to mount a scope and on the other hand they're are a lot of pictures in the Gallery on Model 24's with a scope mounted. So what is the FAQ going to say? You will never change the minds of the hardcore FOR or the AGAINST shooters. Sorry for asking the question for the 12,000th time. Maybe people shouldn't post here and we all could just read the FAQ over and over again.

  • index of issuesSentry44, Mon Dec 3 11:30pm
    Cas or other, seeing the number of people asking about scopes and sights makes me wonder whether another page is needed, or perhaps part of the FAQ? I say this because I see quite a few newcomers... more
    • FAQ about a scope — wing70, Tue Dec 4 8:24pm
      • What should it say?cas, Wed Dec 5 6:32pm
        And no matter what it says (as if anything becomes factual just because someone wrote itů in print or online) , the guns are still all all marked not to shoot the shotgun barrel with a scope... more
        • Re: What should it say?randydowdy_27315, Sun Dec 9 11:49am
          I bet the naysayers never exceed the speed limit either.
        • I think what I can say is...cas, Wed Dec 5 6:42pm
          ..the theoretical reasons WHY the barrels say that, and let people make up their own minds on what they should do.
          • warnings about scopes the real reasonBrawny James, Thu Dec 6 1:55pm
            Howdy All, Let me say this the reason that warning is on there is to cover Savage's Backside in case you get hurt. Some one got hurt at least once and sued the legal beagles said"warn them and we are ... more
            • SCOPES CAN BE USED ON A MDL 24 FOR SLUGSrandydowdy_27315, Sun Dec 9 11:45am
              I just want to repeat, that I used a tasco 3x9 on my savage24b-dl 22mag over 20g for many years without issue. I used the groove style mounts, and it shot excellent with 3" slugs. Never had an issue. ... more
              • scopesUncle Budd, Mon Dec 10 9:29am
                Having never seen one or used one, what about a "Red Dot" on a 24 ?
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