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Justin Winchester
24H-DL: selector switch on hammer keeps shifting when fired
Tue Dec 4, 2012 10:00pm

Hey folks,

As the title says, my selector switch on the hammer is shifting around when it never did before. Typically it would just hold in one place until you told it otherwise. Now, however, when ever I have it selected to strike the lower firing pin (shotgun), it strikes the pin, but then always ends up selected to the upper firing pin (rifle). It happens so quickly you don't even notice, you can just see that the shotgun firing pin was hit and then the selector is on the rifle.

Is this normal, or is there another fix to this? Some gun oil got into the selector area when I was oiling up the hammer areas, so could that be the reason why it's doing this?

I have yet to try and fire it with live ammo, but it seems to be still striking well enough to fire. I'll have to check and see.

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