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Putting the "flying scopes" issue to bed
Tue Dec 4, 2012 11:44pm

OK, in the absence of creating an index to reference talking points by subject...I'm feel the need to just blurt out about the scope thing.

I currently own 3 J-DL's, and have owned other series previously. All we're/are grooved receivers, and all wore the early legal disclaimer on the barrel regarding scopes when firing shotgun.

It's as simple as this: Scope mount technology has come a long way! Single screw duel-ring mounts ofd 50 years ago very well WERE a risk of coming loose. But modern multi-point bases are practically fool-proof. (Just use a quality torque screwdriver and tighten to exact recommendations!!)

In the -- HUNDREDS of rounds -- that I have fired through my J'DL wearing a BKL mount I have never had the base come loose, nor the scope even lose it's zero. Not one iota.

I've blasted both sporting clays at the range, and turkeys in my field (2) a month ago, with 3" 20ga shells.

No movement. Zip...nada...zilch.

So while I can appreciate that people are rightfully wary, might I suggest a little nod toward the progress of better technology?

Now, that said...give me good irons on a 24 any day, especially if I'm out for anything but turkey. But if one wants it, one need only to go to BKL Technologies (and a 2nd company staring with an "E" whose name escapes my mind) and shell o0ut about $50.

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