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Re: Putting the "flying scopes" issue to bed
Wed Dec 5, 2012 12:11pm

My almost 20 year old RWS steel C Mount has held no problems on my .22mag/20 gauge 24C-DL. Get a good mount and it will hold. Case closed.

  • Putting the "flying scopes" issue to bedSentry44, Tue Dec 4 11:44pm
    OK, in the absence of creating an index to reference talking points by subject...I'm feel the need to just blurt out about the scope thing. I currently own 3 J-DL's, and have owned other series... more
    • Re: Putting the "flying scopes" issue to bed — THE_HUNTERIAM, Wed Dec 5 12:11pm
      • Scopes in bedScudrunner, Wed Dec 5 3:25pm
        Thanks. The Simmons is looking better. I'm afraid someone is going to yell at you though.
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