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Actually the V in 222 was 1967
Wed Dec 5, 2012 7:52pm

Lots of folks read the blue books as saying that the 222 V was only made 1967, but the truth is that the 222/20 was the only V made in '67, not only made in '67. In '68 and on into the future the V was available in 222, 223, 22 hornet, 30-30, 357 mag and max.

The Series P was an early '70s model. The C in the serial number does not indicate date. There is no date code on the Series P, nor any of the other "Series" of the 24s. There are some catalog page scans that should help you date your Series P, look closely at the trigger guards in the pictures against your gun.

  • 24V would be marked 24V and...cas, Wed Dec 5 3:12pm wouldn't be a .22. The first 24V was a .222/20 in 1968 IIRC.
    • Actually the V in 222 was 1967 — ee, Wed Dec 5 7:52pm
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