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Help Please!
Thu Dec 6, 2012 9:05pm

I have a savage 24 22/410 made in 1956 if i have used the FAQ section correctly. It has a 3H in an oval just in front of the trigger guard. My question is are new style hammers with selector switch on top for the 24 universal. I wanted to keep the gun original at first but that boat has sailed. I have purchased two diffrent selector switches and 2 diffrent selector buttons only to become frustrated when the 22 barrel fires about 50% of the time. I am now going to do what the gunsmith advised me to do the 1st time and use the hammer selector but i want to make sure there are not diffrent kinds. The ones i have seen online look slightly diffrent at the bottom where the two teeth engage the trigger. On the other hand if anyone is interested in some original selector switches let me know:) Thanks RED

    • Selectors and HammersAnthony, Mon Dec 10 5:27pm
      I've played around with a number of these. Either converting to/from selector and replacing/repairing the original selectors. There are several things that may be causing the 22 bbl to miss. You... more
    • And hopefully they will chime in soon to either confirm or correct what I'm saying, but I believe that if you're getting a hammer with selector it should work just fine on your 24 as long as it is... more
      • scam?mike 183, Sun Dec 9 12:30pm
        Scam? Wait, wait, wait!!!! I want in on that! I have a standing offer of $20 for any Sav 24. Rest home-bound veterans preferred.... Or did I mean scum.....?
      • Thanks for reply. I got bored with waiting for a response so I ordered what i believe i needed from a shop called jack first. Popperts did not have hammer and refered me there. They told me i needed... more
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