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Re: There's folks here more knowledgable than me about selectors
Sat Dec 8, 2012 9:13pm

Thanks for reply. I got bored with waiting for a response so I ordered what i believe i needed from a shop called jack first. Popperts did not have hammer and refered me there. They told me i needed new firing pins for conversion? 90$ total seemed a littlie high but i ordered anyway.

  • And hopefully they will chime in soon to either confirm or correct what I'm saying, but I believe that if you're getting a hammer with selector it should work just fine on your 24 as long as it is... more
    • scam?mike 183, Sun Dec 9 12:30pm
      Scam? Wait, wait, wait!!!! I want in on that! I have a standing offer of $20 for any Sav 24. Rest home-bound veterans preferred.... Or did I mean scum.....?
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