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Help with a 24vs please
Sun Dec 9, 2012 1:35pm

I recently inherited a savage 24 vs series D. Itís chambered in .357 Remington Maximum/ 20 gauge. Itís nickel plated with an oiled stock. Iím trying to find out every thing I can about it so I can decide to keep it or not. My main concern is the .357 Rem. Max. Iíve never seen this caliber and when I did a search of it I found itís tough to find and not so cheap. So if anyone can give me anymore information on this gun I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

    • .357/20 Gauge Savage 24Russell Patton, Wed Dec 12 1:28pm
      I don't know how rare they are/were because no more are being made. I am interested if we can agree on a price. Russell
    • Re: Help with a 24vs pleasePete, Tue Dec 11 6:17pm
      If anyone would like to see pictures of it shoot me an email at I'll be going away for the holidays so I wont be doing anything with it till I get back (29th or 30th) I'll give you... more
    • Nice acquireHans S, Mon Dec 10 8:02am
      As stated by others, it'll shoot .357 max/mag and .38. Keeping it or not depends on your tastes. If you aren't into rifles or combo guns, it'll end up being a safe queen. Some states get real... more
      • Re: Nice acquirerandydowdy_27315, Tue Dec 11 4:11am
        And I have never heard of a 357 max before I joined here. I don't collect anymore, but if I did, I would find a way to add one of these. With the possibility of 38 special and 357 mag, it is many... more
      • Re: Nice acquirePete, Mon Dec 10 6:14pm
        Thanks for the responses, Right now I'm leaning towards selling it. I'm a pistol shooter and a bow hunter and if it is kind of "rare" I think someone else would appreciate it more than me. I'll do... more
        • re: NIce acquiremike 183, Mon Dec 10 7:50pm
          In all seriousness, once you figure out a price, tell those on this site what price you'd like to have. The folks here are all good folks to deal with, and will appreciate owning it more than most.... more
          • .357 MODEL 24Russell Patton, Tue Dec 11 10:59am
            I am interested, too.
    • you lucky dogbig kelly, Sun Dec 9 10:05pm
      You have the holy grail of 24's Like ee said it'll shoot 357 mag and 38 special-- and 357 max can be had--just save it for the holidays!!!!!
    • Re: Help with a 24vs pleaseee, Sun Dec 9 8:08pm
      Mike's standing offer is $20, but I'll go way out on a limb here and offer you $25. No thanks? Oh well. So I'd say you'd best keep it. You'll find out it's one of the most desirable 24s. And don't... more
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