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Hans S
Nice acquire
Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:02am

As stated by others, it'll shoot .357 max/mag and .38. Keeping it or not depends on your tastes. If you aren't into rifles or combo guns, it'll end up being a safe queen. Some states get real restrictive on combo guns for hunting seasons, ex. Indiana does not allow rifles to hunt deer, so you can't have it with you for deer, even if you don't have any ammo for the .357 with you. I was lucky enough to have a considerate ranger explain this to me, let off with a "don't let me again during deer season."

Inheritence can have a lot of sentimental value.

End of the world....If you can is possible to tear apart 9mm,.380 35 remington, blah blah blah for the parts and powder to reload .38,.357 cases.

They have been seen being sold anywhere from 400-1500+. Online auctions would be the best bet if you wanted to sell. Although...there are plenty on this site that would offer to buy it, me included.

  • Help with a 24vs pleasePete, Sun Dec 9 1:35pm
    I recently inherited a savage 24 vs series D. Itís chambered in .357 Remington Maximum/ 20 gauge. Itís nickel plated with an oiled stock. Iím trying to find out every thing I can about it so I can... more
    • .357/20 Gauge Savage 24Russell Patton, Wed Dec 12 1:28pm
      I don't know how rare they are/were because no more are being made. I am interested if we can agree on a price. Russell
    • Re: Help with a 24vs pleasePete, Tue Dec 11 6:17pm
      If anyone would like to see pictures of it shoot me an email at I'll be going away for the holidays so I wont be doing anything with it till I get back (29th or 30th) I'll give you... more
    • Nice acquire — Hans S, Mon Dec 10 8:02am
      • Re: Nice acquirerandydowdy_27315, Tue Dec 11 4:11am
        And I have never heard of a 357 max before I joined here. I don't collect anymore, but if I did, I would find a way to add one of these. With the possibility of 38 special and 357 mag, it is many... more
      • Re: Nice acquirePete, Mon Dec 10 6:14pm
        Thanks for the responses, Right now I'm leaning towards selling it. I'm a pistol shooter and a bow hunter and if it is kind of "rare" I think someone else would appreciate it more than me. I'll do... more
        • re: NIce acquiremike 183, Mon Dec 10 7:50pm
          In all seriousness, once you figure out a price, tell those on this site what price you'd like to have. The folks here are all good folks to deal with, and will appreciate owning it more than most.... more
          • .357 MODEL 24Russell Patton, Tue Dec 11 10:59am
            I am interested, too.
    • you lucky dogbig kelly, Sun Dec 9 10:05pm
      You have the holy grail of 24's Like ee said it'll shoot 357 mag and 38 special-- and 357 max can be had--just save it for the holidays!!!!!
    • Re: Help with a 24vs pleaseee, Sun Dec 9 8:08pm
      Mike's standing offer is $20, but I'll go way out on a limb here and offer you $25. No thanks? Oh well. So I'd say you'd best keep it. You'll find out it's one of the most desirable 24s. And don't... more
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