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mike 183
re: NIce acquire
Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:50pm

In all seriousness, once you figure out a price, tell those on this site what price you'd like to have. The folks here are all good folks to deal with, and will appreciate owning it more than most.

OK, there's maybe one guy who will try to low-ball you.....

  • Re: Nice acquirePete, Mon Dec 10 6:14pm
    Thanks for the responses, Right now I'm leaning towards selling it. I'm a pistol shooter and a bow hunter and if it is kind of "rare" I think someone else would appreciate it more than me. I'll do... more
    • re: NIce acquire — mike 183, Mon Dec 10 7:50pm
      • .357 MODEL 24Russell Patton, Tue Dec 11 10:59am
        I am interested, too.
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