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Sorry - I'm confused 24S-E
Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:56pm

The more I read up, the more confused I get about model dating, "early" vs. "late" models, and the like. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I pulled the 24S-E out of the gun case after about 25 years. I originally bought this gun new, but can't for the life of me remember how old I was, but I sure thought it was late 60s/early-mid 70s (just to narrow it down..). Here's what I know:

22lr / 20ga 3in (it was sold as 22 short/long/lr)
Barrels have no gap between them
Side lever for break open
Barrel selector switch on the hammer
The frame forms a "V" where the butt stock attaches to it.
There is no "cap" on the rear of the front stock.

Markings on the barrel:

Top of 22 barrel, behind rear side:

22 Long Rifle

Left side of shotgun barrel:

Do not fire shotgun barrel with scope attached
Proof Tested 20 Gauge
2 3/4 & 3 inch shells

Bottom of shotgun barrel, between front stock attachment and barrel pivot:

with the top of the "ones" facing the muzzle.

On the right side of the shotgun barrel, I *just now* noticed what I think is the date stamp - 55X in a circle. Is it?

The frame:

You cannot see the internals from either side of the frame.

Right side of frame says:

Savage 24S-E
--- Savage Arms ---
Westfield, Mass USA

Left side is the serial number:


After I hit "post" I will review the post I saw on the date stamp within the circle...

Q: What year constitutes an "early" or "late" model? I bought a, um, rear stock for a "late" model, and it is definitely not the right one.

Flame Suit On!

Thx -



    • This is your 24:Anonymous, Fri Dec 14 10:55am Late model are the Series M, N, P, R, and S and have split... more
      • Re: This is your 24:visket, Fri Dec 14 3:17pm
        Is it a 24S Series E then? Are there 24S-Es that are *not* 22lr over 20ga? I'm just getting back into this gun - I never knew there would be so many models/series, and of course, calibers when I... more
        • not series Eee, Fri Dec 14 4:18pm
          There never was built a Series E. There was a 24 E-DL, but that was not a "Series" gun. The only Series Model 24 guns were Series M, Series N, Series P, Series R, and Series S. The 24 S-E was not one ... more
      • Re: This is your 24:visket, Fri Dec 14 2:29pm
        Thanks you - date code solved. However - the date code on the barrel and not the frame? So, how do I get into the frame? The only access point are the trigger group, two "holes" in the rear above and ... more
    • X = 1970ee, Fri Dec 14 7:59am
      See here:
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