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Model 24F question....
Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:06pm

Hey guys, the screw on my rear flip up sight broke and I am trying to find out the thread size and pitch so I can buy a tap to clean the threads out.
I found the replacement screws at Numrich but they have yet been able to give me the info. I also tried Savagearms to ask them but they said they didn't have that info? Seems odd?
Anyways any info would be most appreciated!


    • Sight screwsjeffb1911, Thu Dec 13 10:59pm
      If that is the flip up sight that i have on my 24F, then it is probably a Williams Gunsight Sight, and it is TINY! I think they are a #2 or #3 IIRC. But Williams might know.
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