Re: This is your 24:
Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:29pm

Thanks you - date code solved. However - the date code on the barrel and not the frame?

So, how do I get into the frame? The only access point are the trigger group, two "holes" in the rear above and below the butt stock mount point, in the hammer slot, and in the front portion where the barrel latch is.

No place to aim a well placed shot of cleaning spray and grease. There are the two tiny firing pin screws, but those are the only screws in sight.

The trigger group looks to be the logical place. Just tap those pins out?

  • This is your 24:Anonymous, Fri Dec 14 10:55am Late model are the Series M, N, P, R, and S and have split... more
    • Re: This is your 24:visket, Fri Dec 14 3:17pm
      Is it a 24S Series E then? Are there 24S-Es that are *not* 22lr over 20ga? I'm just getting back into this gun - I never knew there would be so many models/series, and of course, calibers when I... more
      • not series Eee, Fri Dec 14 4:18pm
        There never was built a Series E. There was a 24 E-DL, but that was not a "Series" gun. The only Series Model 24 guns were Series M, Series N, Series P, Series R, and Series S. The 24 S-E was not one ... more
    • Re: This is your 24: — visket, Fri Dec 14 2:29pm
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