not series E
Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:18pm

There never was built a Series E. There was a 24 E-DL, but that was not a "Series" gun. The only Series Model 24 guns were Series M, Series N, Series P, Series R, and Series S.

The 24 S-E was not one of those with a "Series" designation. The "S" in "24 S-E" does not coorespond to "Series."

The 24 S-E was made in all the rimfire combinations:
22lr / 20
22wmr / 20
22lr / 410
22wmr / 410

  • Re: This is your 24:visket, Fri Dec 14 3:17pm
    Is it a 24S Series E then? Are there 24S-Es that are *not* 22lr over 20ga? I'm just getting back into this gun - I never knew there would be so many models/series, and of course, calibers when I... more
    • not series E — ee, Fri Dec 14 4:18pm
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