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Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:59pm

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But don't you know that you can't fire the shot barrel with a scope attached?!?!?! You'll put your eye out! Whatever!

Adapters work great, on any gun. The trick is, just like other scope bases, they have to be mounted square and straight and with time taken to take up all the slack and make it super secure. If just one element is in a bind or otherwise out of alignment, then the whole thing will work itself loose as shots are fired.

Mounting any kind of base or ring on a rimfire 22 is tough, but the Savage 24 rimfire is extra wobbily and wacky due to such a thin barrel resulting in a high hump between very shallow grooves. It is not conducive to easy, straight forward mounting, but it can be done given the time and care. If all screws around the scope, rings, and bases are set in place loosely and then slowly snugged up just a bit of a turn at a time, moving from one screw to the next with just partial turns, just like if you were snugging up the lug nuts on your car wheel, every other nut all the way around the wheel two or three times. Bring the whole thing into a tight mount by turning all the screws just a little bit at a time. Then drive it a few miles, or pop off a few rounds, and snug everything up again.

Another thing I do while mounting one up is to grab the whole scope and mount assembly with my right hand and basically wrench it around while holding the gun in my left, basically trying to work it loose. This shows me that it is tightening up in place correctly, and it helps wiggle any pieces that aren't in perfect alignment into proper alignment. Then go back around to each and every screw and keeping snugging them up. And then go shoot, and snug some more. And then let the gun go through reasonable cycles of heat and cold, and snug again. Repeat, play, repeat again.

Along time ago I wrote about some cheap mounts that I was able to make work very nice. I can't remember the name, or the model number, but they were aluminum, not steel. I had to use a round file and "channel" the bottom in order to get over the "hump" of the rimfire barrel. Aluminum made this easy to do. These mounts also have a large flat screw
slot instead of a little slot or hex head recess, so I was able to put a big screw driver on it and really turn hard on it. The fact that the mounts were aluminum allowed them to flex more to bite down on the grooves whereas steel would have not given to the turn of the screw as much. Last, I speculated that possibly the alluminum of the mount acted "sticky" against the steel of the barrel grooves due to dissimilar materials.

But the fact of the matter is that Savage 24s can be mounted up with optics on those rimfire grooves securely enough to fire the shotgun without the scope flying off. Just take your time and use a lot of care, and check up on your mount every now and then to make sure all is well. Savage Arms put the warning on the barrel because there were too many instances where folks didn't use care and common sense in securing the mounts, it was the easy solution to liability issues. Easy is not best, its just easy.

And back to the adaptors, these are a great idea for the 24 because you can get that adaptor mounted properly before you put any scope on it, and you can leave it in place if and when you want to make changes to the optics themselves. Just take care in mounting it, and check on it every now and then, snug it up.

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