A Bookmarker's Lament
Mon Dec 2, 2019 15:54

A Bookmarker’s Lament
By Redjeans

Where do my bookmarks go, when I save em’ and forget em’?
Oh where do my bookmarks go, perhaps to bookmark heaven?
They might be on laptop, tablet, or phone, stowed in the web's treasury.
But rarely do I return to em’,
re-organize, research or resume my inquiries.
They say someone’s got em’
in a cloud, a farm or grey factory by the sea.
They say nothing’s forgotten in this paranoid age of cyber-security.
But sometimes I wonder whether there’s any sense to be found
in my bookmarks, who saved em’, why they saved em’
or whether it was even me.
Isn’t life like a file of forgotten bookmarks, inside this browserless dream?
We make mental notes, we jot down our thoughts, but who in the end
will ponder the loss of our lovingly misbegotten history?

    • bookmark# 00000 Redjeans, Mon Dec 9 00:45
      Roman's interview with Mark Howard
    • Re: A Bookmarker's Lament tjknightla, Sun Dec 8 20:11
      If only you’d reviewed em all you’d have made it through the Saw maze alive
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