Wed Feb 12, 2020 01:36

Like most of youse, very much wish David C. Berman hadn't died vis own hands. Suicide is tragic mistake. There is no coming back if successful, unfortunately. aThat's it. What was David Berman thinking upon deaths door stop? What a stupid f*ck he was. Lotsa peoples *really--a* loved him, etc. He hated me, btw.. Personal Fact. His canadian friend e-pecker also hates me too. No bggiez. aLife is ephemeral & temporary. Peoples should xrend it if possble. DCB drank that 3rd beer, unfortunately.

    • ey wub joo (nm) epecker, Wed Feb 12 14:39
      • beaucoup epecker, Wed Feb 12 15:14
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    Alpha... Delta... Gamma... Everybody’s smoked.