Unpublished DCB songs on this board
Sat May 9, 2020 11:28

I might email those Colonial Manuscript folks about the unpublished songs that were posted to this message board over the years. Anyone have any other ideas?

From what I can tell all the songs attributed to KB were DCB co-writes at the very least (for all I know some of them were solely DCB's). Ol' Breedlove wrote the songs that had blank attributions. The lyrics are pretty great if not always politically correctamundo.

  • Davidís Nashville Recommendations Redjeans, Thu Apr 23 18:14
    i think robert's western world would be the best place to go. that would be on lower broadway bt 4th and 5th downtown. on the same block there's tootsie's layla's and legends. those are the main... more
    • Unpublished DCB songs on this board Redjeans, Sat May 9 11:28
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