Mon Jan 4, 2021 18:07

Philadelphia would be be good place to hold 2021 get together. We are a Silver Jews City.

  • DCB Day (January 4th) Redjeans, Sun Jan 3 18:44
    Fans and friends of Silver Jews and Purple Mountains are planning on getting together every year on January 4th to celebrate the life and work of David Cloud Berman. It's called DCB Day. Last year's... more
    • DCB Day A.A., Mon Jan 4 18:07
      • Re: Anonymous, Mon Jan 4 21:49
        Never been to Philly except on layovers. Thereís a possibility that Iíll be visiting in the Spring. Would be inarestin to stage the DCBday festivities in a different town every year.
        • why am I here? A.A., Tue Jan 5 01:56
          Philadelphia is a very good city contrary to reputation.
      • Oops.. A.A., Mon Jan 4 18:16
        Meant Philadelphia 2022 for 2022 DCB Day. https://youtu.be/wPpQWyMjQ-s Am very beer.
    • su su --> something Automotive Acne, Mon Jan 4 01:25
      Had brilliant post. It disappeared. DCB death still angers me. Over/Out.
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