The Box
Mon Mar 15, 2021 15:59

This line represents everything
Somewhere along this line is a spot
In this spot was a land where everyone had a lot
Everyone that was born was assigned a box
No one knew what was in his/her/their box
It could be anything
Any thing.

It could be a clock, lock, sock or a block
But whatever it was that was held in this box
it was something important
Very important (understand?)
It could be a pox, a sneaker with shox
some valuable stocks
Who knows?

A boy named Lorne came of age one day
and awaited his box in the mail
But to his surprise it never arrived.
Didn't he have a box like Mark, Mike, Maurice and the like?
Suzie, Sally and Maddy added to the tally
Why didn't he have something that razzle-dazzled, razzmatazz'd, fiddeled or faddled?

Not even a controller to change channels
or a manual on how to write manuals?
Let alone a pass to a zoo with exotic animals
or a trip to an island with real-life cannibals.
There must have been a mistake, mishap, screw-up,
mix-up or hiccup.

Hello Lorne,
This is the office of compartments and slots
The world is your gift and it simply won't fit
so rest assured, your box wasn't lost.
We thought we could shrink it until it was slight
We twisted, we chiseled, sliced, spliced and diced
but were unable to, try as we might.

Finally, Lorne met the boxmaker.
He dressed like a heavy-weight, big shot, and kingmaker.
This box of yours has made us very distraught.
The order, you see, came straight from the top.
The world simply cannot be contained.
It's been known to tilt, spin and skid.
But to this day, this order cannot be explained.

"But aren't you in charge?", Loren inquired.
"No," he responded, after a while.
Though people call me the boss
and the title does have a ring
"that child over there dreams everything," he said, pointing.
The point of all points is the end of the line.
The beginning, the end, is but a glint in her eye.
Say hello to her as she gurgles, and giggles
Now, I must get back to work. I promise we'll meet again before we say


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