E.P.: Silver Jews - Tennessee (2001)
Tue Apr 6, 2021 21:35


One of the best extended plays released. Fact. Okay, Over/Out. FYI/Btw, Glad groups are now putting etchings on the B-side of eps. Pavement was @forefront of said "art movement'.. either that, or suggested it way back when ie very most prolly is former ;-)

    • 11:00 o’clock pm A.A., Wed Apr 7 00:53
      Another comment.. ie, wish could post snapshot photos of lotsa recent ‘artworks’ —> basically 6”x 6” cardboard/various papers/ink/some ‘gold-leaf’/glue stick. Think are sorta very good. Opinions may... more
      • Re: Art Redjeans, Sun Apr 11 00:34
        Sweet strokes. I like these.
    • Edit: R.I.P. DCB A.A., Tue Apr 6 21:37
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