NoNu friends
Fri May 21, 2021 18:24

I’ve gotten to know Bob a little. I can pass on some questions to him if anyone has anything they’ve always wanted to know. Post questions below:

  • No Subject Redjeans , Fri May 21 18:18
    Long live Automotive Acne! May your posts be fruitful and multiplied.
    • NoNu friends Redjeans , Fri May 21 18:24
      • Q: Attn Redjeans & Bob N. A.A., Sat May 22 15:26
        Hello Bob N & Redjeans :-) Qs: What would be the cost of a healthy yearling? Also, next step: stable fees & feed plus cost of daily supervision, etc.? More: Where would You stable so You could keep... more
        • T.A.S.
          • Yes A.A., Sat May 22 21:57
   Tormato [1978] Deluxe
            • **¯\_(ツ)_/¯** A.A., Tue May 25 16:23
              Ha! Sorta humorous. Younger Sister & her Husband of many yrs have very nice place (4-5acres; is working horse stable/riding farm) 25min drive outside of Austin, Tx. Thought Bob N & I could perhaps... more
              • Next time Redjeans, Thu May 27 21:58
                I'll ask next time for you...
              • **** Anonymous, Thu May 27 07:55
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