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Mon Aug 9, 2021 05:54

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Jekyll and Hyde Year: The artist famous for his riddling photos has turned to old-fashioned function and grace in his design for the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.

If Sugimoto is celebrated for his radical, riddling photos, he has turned his back on such play in his quite functional design for the Hirshhorn.

“There’s no dark side — the Duchampian-type concept — in my design,” Sugimoto insists. “I don’t need it. Only my art has a Duchampian side. I’m not a Duchampian architect, at all.”


  • burn before reading Rj, Wed Aug 4 14:46
    Thanks for the ARTicle
    • Art & Architecture cont. A.A., Mon Aug 9 05:54
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