Sat Sep 17, 2022 21:22

Sorry. I accidentally deleted the thread by stupidly using my cellphone to edit my post. I will re-upload it soon. Have a good Saturday night. Appreciate the encouraging comments.

    • CCU: Part 1 Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:10
      All serious work in fiction is autobiographical - Thomas Wolfe The unspeakable visions of the individual - Jack Kerouac Chuck, Close-Up - A Novel For D.C. Berman Prelude If true, the news that a... more
      • Cont. Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:12
        In retrospect, when thinking about his former life, it was as if he had been beamed up into a giant television screen like the ones on Broadway. In some existential sense, he had been transformed,... more
        • Cont. Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:13
          He felt a sudden need to make a change, to jump on a plane, to change his name, his town, his life. He had stalemated himself, backed himself into a corner by agreeing to Heaven’s proposal. He knew... more
          • Cont. Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:15
            Gradually, over several months and with increasing intensity over the course of a week before the phone call, his dream, his only dream, repeated itself endlessly, even while he was awake. In an... more
    • Re: loud SJBB person Hello Redjeans :-) Regards, etc.!, Sun Sep 18 04:19
      Re: loud SJBB person AA thread commentary *wasn’t* very good at all ie ‘beer-buzz bullshit*.. but Yes, *Your Writings* were very very good!! Please only re-post Your Writings/Novel&Short Stories... more
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