Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:28

Chuck smoked the lit joint that Jackson passed him. Minutes later, as Chuck was attempting to explain the plot of Treasure Island, one of the many books he’d lent to Jackson, he heard the faint sound of music getting progressively louder. As the sound gained clarity and smoothness, rolling out of the noise, he recognized darting guitar solos, flipping between left and right stereo channels, weaving in and out with the agility and ferocity of dragons, animating the natural hum of the apartment. His thoughts were guitar solos too, brief flashes of mental electricity that died soon after being born. 

—What did you think of Blackbeard? He’s a fun villain, isn’t he? asked Chuck.

—I’m sorry, dude, I haven’t gotten around to reading much of it yet. Intrigue on the high seas and buried treasure. Seems cool.

Casting a glance at Jackson’s shelf, he could tell that the book had definitely been thumbed through.

  • Whoops (Part 3) Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:26
    Part 3 As he stepped through the revolving door that lead to the lobby of his condominium, his mirrored world spun like a cockpit in a twisting nosedive. “Hello, sir" said the security guard, a grey... more
    • Cont. Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:28
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