Sun Oct 30, 2022 04:50

Hello Redjeans :-)

Took me 4ish wks ie month (about 20-30ish mins per click visit) to read Your inter-webnet self-published "short story" _Whoops_ [or novella, if You prefer ;-)] Was an excellent, multi-layered "textural" read!! <--> Phat Prose Brother!! Anyways, Very Much Enjoyed It!! Okay, Regards! :-) Over/Out. Sam A. Y.

  • Whoops (Part 4) Redjeans, Sun Sep 18 12:31
    Part 4 06/18/2016 What if you could rearrange your favourite book, rewrite it, change the ending? I wasn’t going to just remain a passive observer. I wanted to know the story behind the fiction. I... more
    • **** aa, Sun Oct 30 04:50
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