Fri Jan 5, 2024 19:44

bit of a weird show but still managed to have fun

i was asked to remove my shoes at the metal detector outside

of course he was joking but I just came back from Toronto after all sorts of plane trouble so i was sort of confused…

blue arrangements were cool—thank you GP for the ticket

the second act sort of imploded but they were “real, real, real, real…”

Jeffery Lewis’ cover of SFBC was hit and miss…started off strong but then petered out a little…I think it’s a tough tune to carry solo

this was the highlight of the night for me—pecker thinks this song was named after my YT username but I highly doubt it

with every passing year I’m starting to feel more like AA—just wish DCB was still around rather than having a solemn celebration of his work every year but the music carries on, taking on a Frankenstein life of its own


  • DCB Day Redjeans, Sat Dec 16 19:54 I'll be filming the show this year.
    • footage Redjeans , Fri Jan 5 19:44
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