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Neil Cook
Annual subscriptions are now due!
Wed Oct 28, 2015 14:32

The club membership year comes to an end on 31st Oct. For those of you that pay annually please remember to renew your subscription payment so I don't have to come chasing. You can also choose switch to a monthly payment plan (which actually makes life easier for us) by setting up a monthly standing order with your back for the appropriate amount.
All bank details can be found here
Whichever route you choose, please remember to put your name in the payment description!
Regards, your friendly membership officer.

    • Receipt requestJoannaSa, Mon Jan 4 23:25
      Hi Neil I paid my membership way back in November but haven't received acknowledgment yet. Would you be able to forward me a receipt of some kind as I can then claim half of this back through work.... more
    • Re: Annual subscriptions are now due!charlotte148, Fri Oct 30 00:15
      dear friendly membership officer, I have just transferred the dosh but am not sure whether it'll show my name. However, it should be relatively easily identifiable as a. one of the few second claim... more
      • OKNeil Cook, Fri Oct 30 13:42
        OK, will keep an eye out for a phantom payment. :)
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