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Rodney M
Reboot button !!!
Sun Jan 29, 2017 22:45

I think its safer to say that I'm happy to be back running again after a long lay off with plantar fasciitis and some knee problems. I’ve also learned that it requires equal amounts of energy and efforts to be a spectator similar to that required by you who were running yesterday's cross country. I was exhausted :-). Thanks for the post race snacks which were meant for the runners. Back to where I started from, I know it can be a daunting task trying to be fit again or recover for a spring marathon and can sometimes feels like a lonely affair but perseverance is the key. Thanks to Cate’s "notorious" acupuncture at FIX London and most importantly the “magic” boot. That “thing” works at least for me it did but you'll have to wear it a couple of consecutive nights if not weeks which is a nuisance if you happen to share a bed with “someone”. Unfortunately it's not practical to wear it during the day as it's impossible to walk on it. It has now been washed, stored away and ready for the next casualty if required. For some us I think we are just trying to defy the processes of our running biological clocks ticking away ( wear and tear / our normal body’s degenerative changes ). This time around I was prepared to do an “Ultra Walk” for this year's Comrades. I don't know if this is just me getting nuts now or being enthusiastic :-). For those of you who are feeling under the weather or have few injuries, niggles here and there, you are not alone. “ZINIKELE – It Takes All Of You”

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